About Us

Visit the Artists and Craftspeople at The Esplanade Market St Kilda.

Every Sunday since 1970, The Esplanade Market St Kilda has been the destination for those searching for something special, somewhere special.

We, the St Kilda Arts and Craft association are made up of some of Victoria's best artists and craftspeople displaying and selling their work direct to the public at the market each Sunday.

One former Esplanade market artist is Academy Award ® winning director and animator, Adam Elliot. Adam sold his hand-painted t-shirts here for five years before embarking on his celebrated film career, and in 2003 won an Oscar for his short film “Harvie Krumpet”.

The market is a favourite destination with locals and tourists alike who appreciate the diverse and unique range of quality handmade artworks made from wood, glass, paper, resin, recycled materials and so much more. The various styles and types of art are collectable, functional, beautiful, original, and make great gifts.

The Esplanade Market St Kilda is where you have the opportunity to meet and chat directly with us, the makers.

Hope to be seeing you soon.

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